Solving the coal puzzle: Lessons from four years of coal phase-out policy in Europe

Europe is on a journey to phase out coal. With 15 countries that have announced to end coal burning since 2015, we can reflect back on a wealth of policy experience gained in the last four years.

We worked with 20 experts across 10 countries. First, we defined nine qualities that are needed to make a successful  coal phase-out. Then, we interviewed each country expert to see whether there are lessons to share. For each of these nine qualities, we have created a guide of all the “dos and don’ts” of what contributes to a good coal phase-out policy.

We hope this is interesting and inspiring for stakeholders around the world to how a good phase-out policy could be developed in their country.


What makes a good coal phase-out?
The 9 qualities needed to solve the puzzle of a successful policy.


Which policies hold most promise?
Good and bad policy examples across the 9 qualities.