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Coal threatens the Akbelen forest

The local communities of Milas and Yatağan in Muğla province of Turkey, have been living under the destructive impacts of Yeniköy, Kemerköy and Yatağan coal-fired power plants and coal mines for four decades. Now the last natural area, Akbelen Forest, with its trees, bushes, birds, thyme and mushrooms, is under the threat of an expanding open-pit lignite mine. We want to stand with the people of İkizköy, who have endured the destructive impacts of the Yeniköy, Kemerköy, and Yatağan coal-fired power plants and mines for four decades, and are fighting for what remains of their forests, olive groves and farming lands.


Help us ban fossil fuel advertising and sponsorships.

Coal companies and other fossil fuel companies use advertising and sponsorships as a smokescreen to distract attention from their health and climate-wrecking business, while their activities continue to plunge us deeper into crisis. This has to stop. We’re seeking to change the law with the European Citizens’ Initiative, and have these polluters banned from advertising […]


Stop the construction of a new coal plant in Yokosuka

Japan Beyond Coal & Kiko Network are collecting signatures to request that JERA stop the construction of the coal-fired power plant in Yokosuka. Please join us in signing this petition to protect the future of Yokosuka, and the Earth.


Help clean up Europe’s industry!

We’re running out of time to address climate change, and while the EU is doing more and more to act on it and clean up industry, one of its key laws to cut industrial pollution does not cover carbon emissions! This has to change, and we have an opportunity to do it right now!

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Banque de France: Put your words into action!

European monetary policy should support the fight against climate change and for social progress, not a system of pollution and inequalities.


Share the report: One year on – BlackRock still addicted to fossil fuels

RETWEET about the report:  📣 New report Alert – One Year On: @Blackrock still addicted to fossil fuels . With @Urgewald, we are publishing a report showing that @Blackrock‘s sustainability commitment is just an other word for #Greenwashing 🎻  Read ▶️ https://t.co/p8MUK0iKY2#BlackRockCoalAddict pic.twitter.com/CSE6lLyhjc — Reclaim Finance (@ReclaimFinance) January 13, 2021


Support the #iCO2dalej campaign against Bełchatów

The campaign consists of different active groups who are joining  forces in order to make an impact and affect key decisions of the authorities regarding the Bełchatów power plant, Europe’s largest emitter, which releases 35 million tonnes of CO2 every year.


Stop Turów: Polish mining is a threat to drinking water for thousands of Czech people

Help families in the affected areas live in peace again, help protect drinking water, and demand that the law should be equal for everyone! Show that you care and appeal to Commissioner Sinkevičius to protect local families from illegal mining.


Block Fossils Out with a browser extension & an augmented reality filter

Help call out fossils and financiers for slowing action on the climate crisis with a new augmented reality filter, and block them with a new browser extension #BlockFossilsOut


Tell Talanx to close coal loopholes

Talanx is one of the last European insurers to have not ruled out insuring new coal. With its annual general meeting happening today, it’s time to tell Talanx: Close your policy loopholes. 


Ask for bailouts for people and planet

Ask leaders to demonstrate unity and vision in this crisis by putting forward the biggest green investment programme the world has ever seen. Now is the time to unite to put Europe firmly on the path to a green and fair economy.


Act now for clean air

We have the right to clean air, and there is no excuse for not taking urgent action. Join Greenpeace asking for an end to burning fossil fuels -oil, coal and gas.