Press releases

Estonia makes surprise push for coal subsidies

The Estonian EU Presidency is suggesting to allow massive coal subsidies in the new EU power market rules. It has proposed changes eliminating the carbon intensity threshold for existing coal plants – allowing them to use public money to stay open longer and even extend their lifetimes.

Civil Society Joins Forces to Push Europe Beyond Coal

Bonn, Germany, November 2, 2017: To combat the worsening impacts of climate change and air pollution, civil society groups across 28 nations are today launching Europe Beyond Coal, a collective campaign to catalyse and hasten the move away from coal and towards clean renewable energy.


Europe is not fighting hard enough to keep out coal subsidies

To prevent coal subsidies, the European Commission proposed a CO2 threshold for power plants to receive public subsidies. However, due to last minute edits from current EU President, Estonia, the door will be open for existing high-carbon power plants to receive...

Destche Welle – Wie schnell kommt der Kohleausstieg in der EU?

Die Erderwärmung soll auf möglichst 1,5 Grad begrenzt werden. Auf der Klimakonferenz in Bonn wird deshalb über den Kohleausstieg diskutiert. Weltweit gewinnt dieser an Fahrt. Auch in der EU? Knapp ein Fünftel aller Treibhausgase in der EU kommen aus den...