Leben mit und nach der Kohle

Guest blog – The French banks behind RWE’s destruction 

by Lorette Philippot, Les Amis de la Terre France / Friends of the Earth France RWE, Europe’s number one climate enemy German energy company RWE is the largest polluter in Europe. Its coal-fired power plants emit more than 100 million tonnes of CO2 per year, the...

Biomass can be as bad as coal

New boilers to burn biomass and waste at the Prerov combined heat and power plant in Czechia will be built to replace old coal...

PGE closes power unit at worst polluting coal plant in the EU

Poland has taken a welcome step forward on phasing out coal this week, after state-owned coal utility PGE permanently closed the B1 unit of its Bełchatów lignite-fired plant on Saturday, according to the Europe Beyond Coal coalition.