Leben mit und nach der Kohle

Uniper annual general meeting – Change at the top gifts Uniper an opportunity to turn its back on coal

Düsseldorf, 22 May 2019 – Uniper, Europe’s fifth most polluting energy company, is holding its annual AGM today at the Congress Center, in Düsseldorf. The event will be presided over by the company’s newly appointed CEO, Andreas Schierenbeck and represents a unique opportunity for Uniper’s new leader to break with the company’s polluting practices of the past and steer Uniper into a UN Paris Climate Accord-compatible future.

Fool’s Gold – €16 Bn For Europe’s Biggest Climate Polluters

Berlin, 21 May 2019 – Eight financial institutions have handed Europe’s most polluting utilities almost €16 billion in support since the Paris Agreement was signed in December 2015, a new briefing by Europe Beyond Coal and its partners BankTrack, Foundation Development YES – Open-Pit Mines NO, Friends of the Earth France, IIDMA, Re:Common and Urgewald has found.

Switching from coal to gas

Uniper’s coal-fired power plant Kiel East closed in March 2019 to be replaced with a new gas-powered cogeneration plant. Plans were put forward in 2009 to expand the plant with more capacity, but were shelved following public protests.  

Hemweg plant initiates Holland’s coal phase-out planned by 2029

The Netherlands‘ coal phase-out is speeding up, underscoring a growing understanding that national authorities have a responsibility to prioritise human health and the global climate over business interests. Hemweg 8 is closing early in large part due to a court...

Finland comitted to phase out coal; all plants have to close by 2029

In a landmark moment in Europe’s coal phase-out, the Finnish parliament has voted to ban the use of coal for electricity production by 1 May 2029. The news crowns years of civil society engagement with what was the first phase-out decision enshrined in law in Europe,...

NEW FINANCE BRIEFING: The coal break-up

Financial Institutions’ Tightening Coal Policies Pressure Utilities to Change Kaarina Kolle, Europe Beyond Coal Finance and Utility Coordinator As the gavel of Germany’s Coal Commission went down in January cementing the details of the German coal phase-out, yet...

Balearic islands beyond coal

Spain’s coal phase-out is gaining momentum, with a decision this week by the Balearic government to phase out coal by 2025.