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Coal companies and other fossil fuel companies use advertising and sponsorships as a smokescreen to distract attention from their health and climate-wrecking business, while their activities continue to plunge us deeper into crisis. This has to stop.

We’re seeking to change the law with the European Citizens’ Initiative, and have these polluters banned from advertising and public sponsorships, cutting off their main greenwashing channels. Sign now to help us achieve a historic ban on fossil fuel ads and sponsorships!


We call on the European Commission to propose an EU legislative act:

  • prohibiting advertisements for fossil fuels, as well as air, road and water-borne transportation (other than transport services of general economic interest) powered by fossil fuels;
  • prohibiting advertisements from any undertakings active in the market for fossil fuels, in particular by extracting, refining, supplying, distributing or selling fossil fuels;
  • prohibiting sponsorships by undertakings defined under point 2 above, or using trademarks or commercial names used for fossil fuels.

This law would fall into the EU competence, in that it would consist in an internal market regulation aimed at enhancing consumer protection, as well as a high level of public health and environmental protection.

Indeed, this legislation would increase public awareness of products and technologies that are responsible for climate change and other environmental and health harms. As such, it would pursue objectives that are envisaged by the EU environmental and consumer protection policies, via the harmonisation of rules on fossil fuel advertisements and sponsorships. This would fall under shared competences including (see Article 4 TFEU), internal market, environment, consumer protection.

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