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Ask Romania to invest in a clean, healthy future with renewables

Romanian state-owned coal company Oltenia Energy Complex (OEC) is active in mining, fossil fuel power generation, and local heat supply. It operates nine surface lignite mines, producing coal for four power plants. The Romanian government has decided to give €1.3 billion to the company for fossil fuel investments, which is a violation of state aid, and undermines the urgent work of the EU Green Deal. 

The subsidy has to be approved by the European Commission, which opened an investigation on 19 March, inviting contributions until 19 April.

Romania cannot waste any more time or money on fossil fuels. CE Oltenia has to phase out fossil fuels in favour of renewable energy, to protect our health and our climate.

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[email protected]_Commission, walk the talk on the #EUGreenDeal and #BlockFossilsOut: Reject the Romanian govt plan to give €1,3 billion subsidy to @ceoltenia, since it violates EU state aid rules and climate action. 🇷🇴 should exit coal by 2030 and prioritise renewable energy. blockfossilsout.com

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Block CE Oltenia Out

The Romanian government has no plan to phase out fossil fuels, and wants to offer €1.3 billion in state aid to CE Oltenia to extend the life of its coal plants and convert units to fossil gas. This will result in even more climate-harming pollution, when CE Oltenia could be investing in a clean, healthy future with renewables instead. Block them out of your browser until it stops fuelling the climate crisis!

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