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Run for awareness, run for data, run for change

Join a movement of runners committed to cleaner air and safer trails for our communities!

Bankwatch together with Eko-Svest, and 2 running clubs, TREX in North Macedonia and Trail Running Croatia are organising a thematic trail run on 25th October, in Novaci, near the Bitola power plant.


To raise the profile of air pollution from coal plants in the Western Balkans, do real time monitoring and show solidarity with the local communities suffering the immediate impacts. The race also has a charitable component – all fees collected will be used to purchase air pollution sensors for the Novaci municipality.

How to participate
  1. Register for the virtual race with our timing partner Stotinka here
  2. Join the Lung Run club event here
  3. Join the FB event page
  4. Invite your friends to participate

On 25th October:

  • complete any run of more than 5 kilometres
  • upload your gpx file on the Strava event page
  • take a photo of yourself and share it on social media using the hashtags #TheLungRun #RunForData #RunForChange

Run for awareness, run for data, run for change

Be there virtually or in person!

Participants in The Lung Run will collect real-time data about pollution levels in the area of the course, which is sited next to the Bitola coal power facility in Novaci, Macedonia.

Register here